Movie Challenge: IMDB Top #250

IMDB: Top #250

Recently, I’ve been accidentally watching all those films that I never really got round to seeing before but I always pretend I have to people I want to impress with film knowledge as I nonchalantly sip ASDA brand cardboard box wine. You know, ‘ooh, Schindler’s List you say? Yeah I cried my arse off, felt like I was Jewish by the end of it blah blah blah’ while thinking to yourself, ‘Shit, isn’t that a Steven Spielberg film? Why couldn’t you ask me about Back to the Future instead?! ‘Great scott’ hahahaaaaa’ etc etc. I love films in a big way, and what with my exams finishing this week coming and a long summer stretching out ahead of me full of days I will surely spend nursing a hangover in front of the TV, I decided that since I had basically started on them it was time I finally settled down to those classics. And avoid work. Double tap! So after a good few minutes of research (give me a break, I’m a student and Jeremy Kyle was on), I came to the conclusion that instead of picking and choosing classics, I should instead work my way through IMDB’s Top #250 list, reviewing them in my own way and starting at the bottom. They’ll all be on there, right? Surely people wouldn’t vote for something that was shit? No Megashark vs Giant Octopus as far as I bothered to look, it’s promising. I’ll also take suggestions, if anyone ever wants to suggest anything. Plus I’ll mark out films I already have seen, but write about them anyway. Sound good? What do you care, you’re just killing time until your supernoodles are ready and that re-run of Friends that you’ve only seen about 5 times comes on. Which I’m cool with.

To simplify, I guess it’ll be kind of like that Julia Childs thing, except less fucking boring and hopefully that film Julie vs Julia: HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPS or whatever it is will never be included on this list and I’ll never be forced to watch it again. (No offence Stanley Tucci, you were the best thing about it – much love still). So join me and lets roll.


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