#250: The Philadelphia Story (1940)

uth Hussey, James Stewart, Carey Grant, Katharine Hepburn: The Philadelphia Story (1940)

Thank god this film was worth it, because just getting to the point of watching it consisted of me and a HMV worker – big up, Darren – searching for twenty minutes before I gave up on him asking me if  I meant ‘A Cinderella Story’ and just turned to the internet and illegality in … Continue reading

Movie Challenge: IMDB Top #250

IMDB: Top #250

Recently, I’ve been accidentally watching all those films that I never really got round to seeing before but I always pretend I have to people I want to impress with film knowledge as I nonchalantly sip ASDA brand cardboard box wine. You know, ‘ooh, Schindler’s List you say? Yeah I cried my arse off, felt … Continue reading