Chastity, 10 Things I Hate About You

90s Flashback: The Chastity Curse

See that girl on the left up there? That’s Gabrielle Union. You might not know her name – I sure as hell didn’t – but you do know her. Don’t lie to me, I know you do, because it was practically written into the contract of every teen movie in the 90s to include her, … Continue reading

IMDB: Top #250

Movie Challenge: IMDB Top #250

Recently, I’ve been accidentally watching all those films that I never really got round to seeing before but I always pretend I have to people I want to impress with film knowledge as I nonchalantly sip ASDA brand cardboard box wine. You know, ‘ooh, Schindler’s List you say? Yeah I cried my arse off, felt … Continue reading

Submarine (2010) Movie Still: Roberts, Paige

Mini Review: Submarine

Chances are that you probably haven’t read Joe Dunthorne’s 2008 novel Submarine, but you’ve heard about the film based off of it.. at least in a roundabout “hey, that guy from the IT Crowd is making a film, how weird is that?” kind of way. Because though it’s surprising, yes, Richard Ayoade – Maurice Moss to … Continue reading

Taxi Driver (1976)

Movie Still: Taxi Driver

And here we go – so, to match the title, what better still to start with than Taxi Driver? Martin Scorsese, Robert De Niro: Taxi Driver (1976)